Miracle Noodles

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It doesn't matter if you're a first-timer or a die-hard shirataki convert, Miracle Noodle's best-selling Variety Sampler will delight you and your taste buds. This variety of either 48 packages of Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice products comes with the perfect plethora of shirataki noodles and rice, with enough for multiple meals each. Try our always-popular Organic Spaghetti, Miracle Rice, Fettuccine, Spinach Angel Hair, Angel Hair and Garlic Herb Fettuccine. Comes with 8 of each.

Angel Hair: Miracle Noodle Angel Hair is the perfect addition to any health-conscious eater's cache. These delicious angel hair shirataki noodles are thin and airy, so they make a great starting point for many tasty Italian entrees! What are shirataki noodles, exactly? Unlike typical noodles, which are made of flour or grains, shirataki noodles are made of the Japanese konjac plant - which means they're essentially 97 percent water and 3 percent soluble fiber - so they're much better for you.

Garlic and Herb Fettuccini:  Garlic and Herb is the same as regular fettuccini but seasoned with garlic and mixed herbs. The natural aroma of shirataki is reduced. The flavor is light, which makes this noodle perfect for dishes that emphasize simple flavors. We use this noodle mainly for dishes with chicken and beef, especially stir-frys.

Organic Fettuccini:  Made from the konjac plant harvested from an organic farm in Japan and certified by AINOU one of the top agencies in the Japan. Use Organic Fettuccini as a fettuccini substitute in all of your recipes that involve a thicker noodles, from Asian dishes like soba noodles to a low carb fettuccini alfredo! Slashing calories and carbs has never been so delicious!!

Miracle Rice: Use our Organic Rice as a rice substitute in rice and beans, rice pudding, or any of your favorite dishes that call for rice, immediately making it healthier.

Organic Spaghetti: Miracle Noodle Organic Shirataki Spaghetti has soluble fiber which helps you feel full. It’s almost like a magic trick: no calories but enough fiber to help you feel full without feeling heavy. With Miracle Noodle Organic Spaghetti, you don’t have to worry about the negative after-effects

Spinach: The plant based fiber in the noodle called Glucomannan gives you the feeling that you are full and does not raise your glycemic index. This is why Spinach Angel Hair is diet friendly and can be enjoyed by diabetics and celiacs as an alternative to regular pasta.

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