Mush Overnight Oats (Seen on Shark Tank)
Mush Overnight Oats (Seen on Shark Tank)

Mush Overnight Oats (Seen on Shark Tank)

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Instead of cooking oats to make traditional oatmeal, oats are cold-soak in dairy-free milk. This process helps the ingredients retain their nutrient density and become easier to digest. The resulting fresh product is pudding-like in texture, rich in flavor and completely ready-to-eat. Serve cool and keep refrigerated! Spoon Included. 

MUSH has no artificial preservatives and is non-GMO, dairy-free, certified gluten-free, kosher, and vegan

Apple Pie: Tradition meets innovation with slices of apple, cranberries, and some cinnamon to balance the bold flavors. Breakfast never tasted so fresh yet so cool.

Blueberry: Blend wild blueberries with our creamy coconut milk to deliver an antioxidant-filled, fruity treat. A full flavor experience with nutrients that pack a punch.

Coffee Coconut: A functional boost for breakfast or midday snack. Cold-brewed coffee and our creamy coconut milk for a new take on an everyday must. This cool buzz will power you throughout the day.

Dark Chocolate:  Rich, luscious, and creamy. The raw cacao powder mixed with our almond milk creates an irresistible pudding-like consistency. Breakfast... dessert... it's all the same.

Strawberry: A classic flavor, elevated. Mix real strawberries with coconut mylk to make creamy and delicious overnight oats that you can take on the go. This fruit-filled breakfast is made to help you do better.

Vanilla Bean: This bestseller perfectly balances the subtle sweetness of date with sweet, spicy notes of pure Indonesian vanilla bean.

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