Paleonola Granola
Paleonola Granola

Paleonola Granola

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Maple PancakeMaple Pancake Paleonola is a delightful blend of nuts mixed together with unsweetened coconut, raisins and a hint of 100% pure maple syrup. Who says a Paleo breakfast can’t be just as delicious? Get yours today and allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying a delicious combination of flavors in a healthier way than ever before.

Pumpkin Pie: What’s better than the smell of pumpkin pie on an autumn day? That’s easy, the taste of our Pumpkin Pie Paleonola, any day! It’s loaded with hearty nuts, unsweetened coconut and blended with the perfect amount of berries, then topped with our signature spice blend. Why wait for the seasons to change? Whether you’re on the go or cramming late-night for that exam, Pumpkin Pie Paleonola is the perfect snack.

Chocolate Fix:  Mmm… good! Chocolate lovers rejoice! Sometimes you’ve just got to get your fix. No problem. We’ve blended 100% Cacao with our delicious signature blend of hearty nuts and berries to satisfy your craving. Topped off with a generous portion of unsweetened dried coconut, this grainless granola is guaranteed to become a family favorite. WARNING: If this bag suddenly disappears be sure to check, “her,” room.

Original: The Original – where it all began. It’s grainless granola at its finest. We’ve packed it chock full of our delicious signature nuts and seeds combo and blended it with a generous portion of unsweetened coconut and berries. Hungry yet? Paleonola is a hearty snack that’s perfect to fill anyone’s craving for something deliciously satisfying. Be generous and share, or hog it all to yourself, we don’t blame you!

Apple Pie: Apple Pie – minus the crust, is our Grain-Free granola that’s loaded with delicious nuts and seeds, packed with nutritious flax and dried apples and then topped with a hint of spice. Pop it in your bag for a snack when you’re hitting the trails, or eat it as cereal with some delicious coconut milk. It’s just like Grandma used to make… only healthier!

Cinnamon Blueberry: Keep it simple with the best of what mother nature has to offer. Our Cinnamon Blueberry Paleonola has got you covered from the morning to that late night snack attack. We blended organic blueberries with the deliciously sweet taste of cinnamon and coconut. Inspired by a childhood favorite but with a healthy twist, it could just be one of the best creations we've ever made - yea, we said it.  With just eight real food ingredients that pack a nutrient dense punch, it's time to step up your breakfast game. Your cereal bowl will thank you.

Pina ColadaWe’ll admit, our love for coconut got the best of us on this one. Pina Colada takes our signature coconut blend and combines it with just the right amount of nuts and seeds.  To top it all off we add in delicious freeze-dried pineapple to whisk you further away to the tropics! We can’t fly everyone to the islands but it’s nice to dream for a few minutes a day. — Rum not included.

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