Pizoots Artisan Peanuts

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PIZOOTZ, THE WORLD'S MOST INCREDIBLE PEANUT! Invented by Dr.Alfred Pizootz, boy genius, rocket science wonder and peanut pioneer! Alfred's peanuts are planted in the spring, and ready to be plucked in the fall. After shaking off their Virginia soil, they are laid out to dry for a whole week! Deshelled! And bathed! Then our naked nuts make their way to Alfred's laboratory, where he begins to dress them up in one of our 9 infused flavors! First, they are boiled in a marinade of the finest natural ingredients. Next, they are slowly cooked for over 24 hours. And finally, they're packed nice and cozy in our recyclable packaging to be brought straight to you, as PIZOOTZ!

Salt and Vinegar

Baja Taco

Bay Spice





New York Dill

Sea salt/ Pepper

Sea salt