Tom Kosher Beef Sticks

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A Simple Snack. For A Busy Life. Cutting Edge Snacks abides by the philosophy that simpler is better. They grind one piece of beef (the chuck), mix it with seasoning, and bake it in an all-natural beef casing. This makes for a tender, tasty beef stick without an artificial aftertaste. Setting a new standard with just lean, tender beef.

90 Calories | 7g Protein | 0g Sugar

TK Beef Sticks contain: No Gluten, No Flour, No Dairy, No Soy, No Chicken, No Pork, No Fish, No Deer, No Ostrich, No Buffalo, No Sweet Potato, No Quinoa, No Chia Seeds, No Synthetic Collagen, Just Beef.

Original: A clean, pure beef flavor with minimal spices added. 

Cajun: AKA Rajun Cajun AKA this flavor will make you crazy it’s so good. 

Pepper: You could eat one blindfolded & you’d know it’s made with cracked black pepper. 

Hot: Made with crushed red pepper for a slow burning heat you’ll crave.

Jalepeno: No spicy powder here, just fresh diced jalapenos for your enjoyment.